Metal Furniture by vana

Metal Furniture by Vana is a series in which the concept is security and eco-friendly production. These days life style has changed and people’s life speed has increased. In this changing process everything got new phases and old fashion detail has been omitted. In between, storage, organizing and filing are main concern of an organization. Therefore, we come up with a solution by which storage and filing is not an issue any more, meanwhile Metal Furniture attempt to look into safety and security of people and ecology.
Metal furniture is famous for its various solutions of storage. The first and the most is Office Furniture, in this series we look into different types of shelves and cupboards that an office would require, in an office depends on how the owners look into their businesses, Metal Furniture looked into all angles to come up with designs which compile all the aspects. The most important feature in these designs is the electrostatic powder coating or how adjustable they are according to the office space.

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With this cupboard you can organize your documents whereas they are multipurpose furniture that you may even use for seating, decorating etc. These shelves are unique and elegant in terms of turning a space to a chic room. Even for the one who cares about the noise in the office, we looked into it and reinforced doors with concealed hinges and anti-noise plastic buffers. Even for the one who appreciate the wood art we have design with wooden doors to enhance the beauty of an office. Other option is Turning Folder Racks; what your office needs is frugal furniture, this one would add value to the organization system as it is user friendly, compact and chic.

We assure you that you would figure out the vital role of Metal Furniture in your daily routine life, not only in an office, even if you want to furnish a school, or Hospital, Mailroom, Journal Office, etc.

Vana provides you with book shelves, magazine shelves and so on. Or even with desks and benches. Means if you make up your mind just leave it to us, we give you the entire furniture that you need, not only they are elegant, unique, but also affordable, ergonomic and durable. Means you may live in peace with Metal Furniture by Vana, as our concept is applicable to all products, quality and safety; especially when it comes to school and Hospital that you deal with kids and patients. Also, we facilitate you with different types of wardrobes and lockers, which can be used in firehouse and gyms or other sport stations. Metal Furniture by Vana designed every single phase that daily life would require.


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Filing cupboards . Shutter door cupboards . Sliding metal door cupboards . Sliding glass door cupboards . Turning folder racks .Map-plan cabinets . Multi-drawers . Filing cabinets . Card & index cabinets . Flap door cabinets . Home-files . Mobile pedestals .Office desks . Desk end pedestals-gooseneck handle . Multimedia pedestals . Combined cabinets

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Wardrobes & Lockers

Wardrobe cupboards . Benches . Fireman cupboards . Policeman cupboards . Cube lockers . Multi-case lockers .School cupboards . Cloakroom storage units . Wall lockers . personal effects lockers . Laptop storage locker