Modern Spaces by vana

Modern Spaces by Vana is a category of furniture design in which a unique concept of common belief or popular opinion is applied. We believe we have truly practiced the concept of having common form of furniture which can attract huge population’s attention; who loves simple meanwhile elegant design. The innovative form of Modern Spaces furniture design can fulfill today’s workplace needs, whereas create fun and relaxing work environment. There is believe that quality and time efficiency in production of Vana furniture would be handy for enterprises.
Modern Spaces Furniture is under R&D department control that is why Vana become one of the well-known furniture brands. The experts’ team applies daily changes of technology and work places in all products ranges; it makes us proud to yell out our products series; for illustration consider our VIP sequence in which R&D team well-established the requirement for special one in the work space. That detail bring up into reality by architectures and designers to make the work station as valuable and prestigious area to feel special.

You can download our general catalogue as a PDF

The work becomes valuable automatically, when the place has the value. Even under this category there are few sub categories such as Dream, Excel, Vital, and Vertex. In Dream Series we considered the one who truly loves combination of white color with wood to brighten their room and their perspective. In VIP category the smartness of white color is the main concern. Next category is Executive collection which is a classy and elegant design to make work station attractive for the employees. It would motivate them in the way it highlights how their employer cares about them. Also, it helps them to well organize their work. In this category designer pay good attention to the detail that inspires popular minds, it looks into daily needs of users at work environment and put them into a practical design; it is user friendly and comfortable. This design follows the angle which meets different tastes of the one how loves Cubic, or for the one who prefer oral there are furniture in oral edges shape. We think about your interest. The next series is Work this one is for the true color lovers in the work space. It brings energy and comfort into office. The created energy would keep users’ minds as sharp as possible; it helps to increase the creativity and innovation of the employees. Therefore, better result at the end of the day is the best outcome for the bosses- the one who care. This category as well as others combines simplicity, prestige, class, and comfort to create ergonomic environment.

Also the last category under Modern Spaces is Operational and reception desk this one is beloved by the entrepreneurs; as it would create the space for new comers without costing much. There is free space? We will fill it up for you according to your order and style. We have solitary or dual desk that facilitate two managers or two users at the same time in an aesthetic design which you would love. Thinking out of box is our characteristic. We do not suffice to one design, we look into different angles, we have design for the one who has many employees and needs to accommodate them in office. We have partitions that allow you to facilitate the entire team. This one is even suitable for the environments that need open communication and team work. It will ease the negotiation flow in the work station. All the facts that counted above show how much thought is laid behind all these designs.



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Dream . Excel . Vital . Vertex

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Smart . Reward . Image . Class . Chrome . Prestige . Fancy . Career . Trend . Elit . Orbital

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Operational & RECEPTION DESK

Optimal . Silver L . Radikal workstation . Aluminium Banko . Aluminium office stuff

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Angle . Zenon . Noble . Solid . Paragon . Radikal . Vega . Gala . Plus .Optima