Office Solution by vana

Office Solution by Vana is a series which is truly inspired by meaning of time office. As per this ideology our concept is built up based on day to day changes to be compatible with the environment and patrons needs. In order to be competitive, our design is ahead of time. Office Solution is specialized in office furniture and seating system, because we believe nowadays people spend most of their time in their offices, therefore, features of environment and the furniture they use is crucial. They must be ergonomic and at the same time elegant and chic to take care of their body health and also to feed their hunger of aesthetic to increase the productivity of the business. Consequently, in this range of furniture we appointed specialists who have a creative and innovative thinking; meanwhile we use good quality material and apply modern concept of customer service to fulfill the objectives of this Brand.

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Have you ever thought up how life could be easy to have someone to entrust with your uphill struggle? Congratulation, we are the one who take responsibility; you decided to start up an office or renovate it? Do not worry you give us the authority; we will ensure you at the end of the day you are the winner. We have different design and solutions for your office, you just name it, we go for. Consider Vip range that are luxurious series. This range would talk and stand out for itself, when enter to the room these furniture are the center of gravity. This type of furniture are unique, client would feel how exceptional and exclusive they are. As a proven concept the productivity of a person depends on how he/she feels, in a case when that person emits positive energy to his/her surrounding, in return will absorb the positivity which will affect on the level of his/her outcome. According to this concept, may say that in very first approach of clients to the office, the room style and its furniture attracts the patrons; can claim that managers already influenced the customer’s mind with the level of attention they pay to detail. The next product line as office furniture calls Executive; in this line all the detail about an office furniture has taken into consideration, means it allows Organization easily facilitate their executive offices, in this series we tried to optimized the existing space in a room specially with adding mobile side table and cabinet which would be personalized according to the size of room and height that is required. It can be use as side table or add on to the main desk to create space for meetings.

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In this design we looked into functionality and modernity. Other category is Operational series; this one works on how to create individual space at the same time enhance the team work. With its special design this series increased the level of workflow in a group of employees. In other words this series is multi-functional that take cares of different requirements of an office which makes it true office solution.
As mentioned before, ergonomic furniture and Chair are useful for the company, as in today’s life health concern has increased. Then the company should pay special attention to this factor, also office solution series are durable, follows the standard design to build the correct seating structure, Office solution by Vana with different types of designs may fulfill all the clients’ requirements. For example different types and styles of office chair as management chair, operational chair and so on to cover all different sections of an office which take care of your backbone, the armrest and so on. We think of your structure to keep and maintain your body structure as sharp as the first day. The other type of chair can be introduced as public chairs such as Airport chair; it creates comfort for the passengers in order to tolerate the waiting time. Other remarkable chair is the one used in lobby or other waiting area where require to show that hostess respect the invitees.



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