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The vision of VANA is to become the leading wholesale furniture company in Iraq. By following this vision, our company will expand its sale net across Iraq. Simultaneously we will focus on fulfilling international market demands. The management will be based on a long term partnership with the suppliers and franchise retail stores. The company’s activities will aim toward the offering quality products and efficiency, and thrive to achieve the contentment of the business partners, end users and employees.

VANA is a wholesale furniture company, which supplies the most qualitative furniture from numerous manufacturers to manifold of franchised retail stores across Iraq. Vana is constantly keeping up with the latest trends of the global furniture industry and upgrading the domestic market accordingly. The company guarantees to provide a wide range of furniture in various materials, dimensions and colors to satisfy all your office needs in accordance to your exclusive taste.

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is a category of furniture design in which a unique concept of common belief or popular opinion is applied.

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Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight.Use desk pads and coasters to protect the surface from dents.


Vana wisely looks into its business and takes care of its client’s demands. Choosing Vana lets you enjoy.

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Vana has been introduced 80 years ago in Iraq and marked itself as a supreme brand in furniture industry and yet the third generation is leading the industry under the same brand more powerful than ever.

One of the advantages that we have is cooperating with well-known global manufacturers, furniture and interior designers, plus many years of experiences in storage and distribution system in Iraq and all around the world which lead us to establish a reputable name of our own in the global standardized industry.

Vana warehouse is built in a 12300 Square meter area, with a efficient systematic storing mechanism. This ample arena is facilitated with racking system that eases managing our products in an organized area and a hundred twenty containers with forty foot capacity which provided us the possibility to arrange bulky purchases in only one container in order to ease the shifting process in both our warehouse and international destinations all around the world.

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