Our Story

To be the best and to provide the best for you, we have not stopped innovation and endeavor. We are happy to present you the achievements of Vana Group and Emad Mekdad Holding

Ultimate Victory

Dear Customers, you are our greatest assets. And the new logo festival is your festival and is of all those supported us during this long journey. Thus, the group has diversified its sources to include the east and west of the globe in order to achieve its sole goal of providing the best to you, because you always deserve the best.
Innovation and creativity are the heritage of 80 years of endeavors by the Mekdad family and a team of loyal and compassionate employees who are moving forward purposefully more than anytime. Achieving the best is our belief, a belief for which we have invested with commitment. This path shall also entail the development of our employers. The best interior space solutions and provision of the distinctive collection of the best office furniture is only a small part of our commitment to move forward in the path of success.

The Timeline

The journey started from 1912 -> Today -> Future



Mr. Jalal Al-Najjar learned the profession of home and office furniture in a state factory in Baghdad during the monarchy era.



Opening of the first handmade shop for selling furniture in Erbil.



He moved to Baghdad and opened a shop for manufacturing and selling furniture in Al-Salhiya district.



He returned to Erbil and opened a furniture workshop in Erbil Citadel area under the name “Maher Carpentry”.



The name of the shop was changed to “Sindbad Furniture”.



Several new shops were established in Erbil under the name “Sindbad Furniture” in Bata Street and Kotry Salam area.



The work administration was transferred to Mr. Mekdad Jalal Al-Najjar (1949-1995), and henceforth the work style has changed by the expansion of the shops to Company system and development of new business lines. This was achieved by importing raw materials exclusively used for furniture from world sources and
introducing new techniques in craftsmanship and turning them into a mechanical system through the introduction of equipment and machinery for the manufacture of office and home furniture.



The showrooms were renamed to “Vana for Home Furniture”.



The death of Hajj Mekdad Jalal Al-Najjar and the assignment of the organization management to Hajj Emad Mekdad Al-Najjar (the eldest son) and starting construction of a commercial complex in Bata Street.



Opening a new branch of Vana Company.



Opening warehouses of Vana Company with a capacity of 122 40-feet containers.
Establishing Vana Company for International Transport.



Opening of the 5-storey Vana Shopping Mall with a building area
of 12500 square meters.



Designing the own registered trademark of Vana Company.
Opening Hajj Mekdad Al-Najjar Mosque.



Establishing Emad Mekdad Holding Group.



Opening the Company’s headquarters. Introduction of an internal
system to adopt for all Company’s business.



Opening a new branch of Vana.



Opening a new branch of Vana outside the Region.
Establishing Hajj Mekdad Al-Najjar Charity Foundation.



Restructuring the internal system and adopting a state-of-art operating plan in accordance with the international standards for Emad Mekdad Holding Group.

2021 and beyond

Vana Erbil is the best equipped, the most distinctive and the biggest permanent shop and showroom of home and office furniture in Iraq and neighboring countries. It is the project that was set years ago as one of the most important goals of Emad Mekdad Holding.
Unique and groundbreaking, Vana Erbil as the most important project of the group shall impact Iraq very soon. Integrated solutions of Vana in the most modern showroom of Iraqi Kurdistan in 37000 square meters shall be an answer to all the needs of big governmental organizations, international groups and private companies, which have unique approach to human resources and physical requirements of dynamic and modern spaces.
Providing wide range of interior design needs from furniture to electronic gadgets, required tools, modern lighting systems, office tools, accessories and even plants in an integrated format shall make Vana Erbil the most unique center of office furniture sales in Iraq and Middle East.

They say

The Future Depends on What You do Today

Mahatma Gandi
Indian Revolutionary

They say

Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get.

Warren Buffett
Berkshire CEO

They say

Those Who Say it Cannot be Done, Should Not Interrupt those Doing it.

Chinese Proverb