Projects & Clients

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Projects and Clinets

Major Government Projects

Presidency of Appeal Court

Another project with special importance for Kurdistan Regional Government has been Supreme Court. We could finish the interior design and equipping the building in 35 days.

Directorate of Erbil Traffic Police

In the beginning of 2017, Kurdistan Regional Government issued a decree to establish the Directorate of Erbil Traffic with the highest international standards. After finishing the construction phase, the building was handed-over to Vana Company for interior design and office furniture equipment. Although the timeline for design, installation and equipping this project was very tight, we managed to deliver the works within 35 days and received a quality certificate from the employer.

Presidency of Public Prosecution

One of the biggest projects of Kurdistan Regional Government was to finish the construction of the Presidency of the Public Prosecution
in Erbil in 2014. The magnitude of this project along with the extraordinary conditions of the year 2014 were the main challenges of this project. Although Vana Group had difficulties in budget and delay in import process, we could deliver this big project within 45 days.

General Directorate of Region’s Police

One of the special governmental projects has been to construct the Kurdistan Police Central Command building. This project was given to Vana in 2014. Understanding the situation of 2014 and complete support we were able to do the interior design and deliver the project on time in 25 days.

Ministry of Electricity

One of the achievements of Vana is close cooperation with Ministry of Electricity of Iraq. In this project, taking all responsibility, we equipped the entire Ministry. Our design, logistics and installation teams delivered this project within a month. Following highest international standards to choose office furniture was one of the most important and distinctive features of this project.

Major Private Sector Projects

Park View

Park View is one of Iraqi Kurdistan’s biggest commercial and residential projects located in the city of Erbil. The project’s managers demanded Vana’s services to fully equip this enormous complex. Vana delivered this project in short time with full satisfaction of Park View’s managers.

Knowledge University

Knowledge University is considered as one of the best universities in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. They sought Vana’s services. The design process was finished within short time and after client’s approval, the manufacturing begun. The equipment was delivered in the highest quality standards in a short amount of time along with customer’s satisfaction.

Korek Telecom

We are proud to have Korek Telecom as one of our employers in the past years. We have delivered integrated projects to this employer all over Iraq and Kurdistan. One of the most distinctive projects of this group has been equipping the central office of Korek in Erbil: a project that Vana delivered in the best form along with considering the highest standards.

Asiacell Telecom

One of the oldest projects of Vana group is providing different services to this telecom company. From years ago in delivering projects for Asiacell Telecom, we have been providing our projects with different type of thinking and commitment of Vana.

Kumar University

Another unique project of Vana was providing services and equipment for Kumar University for Science and Technology in Iraqi Kurdistan. This project was delivered in high International standards.

Our Clients


KRG Police Directorate, Police Directorate of Erbil, Directorate General of the Directorate of Erbil, Engineering Directorate passage of Erbil, Directorate General of Nationality Erbil, Directorate-General for the residence of Erbil, Directorate-General for the Passports of Erbil, Directorate General of Health Sulaymaniyah, Directorate General for the Breeding of Erbil, Presidency of the Court of Appeals Erbil, The exploration and quality control, Qandil Organization, EAI, Erbil Notary H.Q , Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry \ Iraq, Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and Industry \ Iraq, Mosul Chamber of Commerce and Industry \ Iraq, General Directorate of Roads and Bridges Erbil, Erbil market for securities, Directorate General of Electricity Erbil, Electricity Distribution Directorate Euphrates, Barzani Charity Foundation, Directorate-General for registration of companies, Investment Commission Erbil, Engineers Syndicate, Lawyers Syndicate

Universities & Institutes

Presidency of the University of Sulaymaniyah, Faculty of Law and Politics\ University of Sulaymaniyah, College of Fine Arts \Erbil, Institute of Fine Arts\ Kifri, Erbil Technical Institute, Technical Institute\ Bardarash, Directorate of Education Bardarash, American University in Sulaimaniya, University of Dohuk, Hawler Medical University, Lebanese French University, Faculty of Physical Education\ University of Baghdad, University of Soran, University of Cihan, University of Kirkuk, University of Kut, University of Alhayat, University of Mosul, University of Koya, Azhar Institute for Science and Islamic Sharia, University of Tikrit, University of  Diyala, Beji Oil Institute, Kirkuk Oil Institute.


KRG Ministries: Finance and Economy, Interior, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Education, Agriculture and Water Resources, Health, Justice, Municipalities, Housing and Reconstruction, Trade and Industry, Natural Resources, Peshmerga, Planning, Martyrs and Anfal, Electricity, Labour and Social Affairs, Transport and Communications, Endowments and Religious Affairs Iraqi Ministries: Health, Interior, Finance, Defense, Education, Youth and Sports, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Industry and

Embassies & Consulates

The Consulate of UAE, Egypt, Jordan, USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Iran, Czech, South Korea, Spain, Hungaria, Sudan, Kuwait, Romania and Diplomatic Center of America.

Oil Companies

North Oil Company, North Gas Company, SOC, General Company for Distribution of Petroleum products, North Refineries Company\ Beji Refinery, Iraqi Drilling Company, Crescent Petroleum Company, Dana Gas, Hunt Oil Company, DNO Company, Marathon Petroleum Company, KNOC, HKN Company, Gulf Keystone, KAR Group for Oil Projects, Exone Mobil Oil, Chevron Oil Company, TAQA-ATRUSH, Gaz Prome Neft Petroleum, Cerf Oil Company for Oil Services, Repsol oil


KIB, AlBarakaa Bank, İş Bank, Turkish Ziraat Bank, Bank of Erbil, Bank of the Middle East, Ashur Bank, Bloom Bank, Bank of Dar Salaam, BBAC Bank, Bank of Mosul, Cihan Bank, Sumer Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Baghdad, Byblos Bank, TBI, North Bank, Rasheed Bank, Rafidain Bank, Francis Bank, Development Bank, IBL Bank, AlAhli Bank of Iraq, Al-Mansour Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Media Channels

Kurdistan TV Channel, Kurdsat TV Channel, Gali Kurdistan TV, Zagros TV, Rudaw TV, KNN TV, NRT TV, Payam TV, Speda TV channel, AlSumaria TV, Al-Sharqiya TV, Al-Iraqia, Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera

Political Parties

PDK, PUK, Change Movement, Islamic Group, Kurdistan Islamic Union, Communist Party

Malls & agency

Carrefour Erbil, City Center, Majdi Mall, Family Mall, Royal Mall, Mega Mall, COCA COLA, Pepsi, Vestel, LG, BEKO, Haier, Carrier, Siemens, Bosh, DeWalt, PX Company

Holding Companies

Salahuddin Holding Company, Ster Group, Hemn Group, Hiwa Group, Dareen Group Company, Farouk Holding Company, North Holding, MASS Holdings, Melat Holding Company, Jebal Group Company, Jabal Sara Company, Lafarge Group, Bayad Samsung, Yüksel Construction Company, Ster Group, Federal Corporation, Suhail AlGhazal\ Samsung Air Conditioners, UB HOLDING Company, Erbil Steel Company

Cars Companies

Sardar Group, Khila Group, Felka Motor Company, Heydari Motor Company, Nariman Motor Company, Carzon Motor Company, Saz
Toyota Company, Jehan Motors Company, Bakhit Motor Company, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, KIA, Toyota, Skoda, Nissan, Jaguar

Hotels & Telecommunications

Korek Telecom, Newroz Telecom, Asiacell, Zain Iraq, Mobitel, Erbil International Hotel, Divan Hotel, Rotana Hotel\ Erbil, Khanzad Hotel, Van Royal Hotel, Lamasu Hotel, Royal Ainkawa Hotel, Nobel Hotel, Barzan Hotel, Grand Melenium Hotel

Other Projects

  • Endowment Diwan (Sunni Endowment Diwan, Shiia Endowment Diwan)
  • International Organization (The United Nations H.Q, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, WFP, WHO, ICRC, IRC, USAID, IRCS)
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Presidency of Council of Ministers of KRG, Presidency of Council of Ministers/ Federal Republic of Iraq)
  • Regional Security Agency (Presidency of the Council of Ministers \ Federal Republic of Iraq,
    Kurdistan Regenal Security Agency)
  • Presidency of the Kurdistan Region (Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Presidency of Federal Republic of Iraq)