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International products in office furniture ranging from partitions, different office desks, office, amphitheater, organizing chairs.

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Sometimes in order to have a different and luxury working space, there is need for classic furniture. Using furniture which has integrated design and is need-based can be an appropriate solution. Increase in the lines and complexity of classic furniture makes choosing them a very delicate and important process. Access to reputable manufacturers of classic office furniture who can manufacture a range of integrated items and diverse in color and design helps Vana to design and equip entire organizations in a proper and professional manner.Vana is the best known brand of Emad Mekdad Holding.

Unique collection of office furniture is under the umbrella of Vana and Emad Mekdad Holding. As Vana focuses on the needs of big organizations in office furniture, it has been the only choice for the best governmental and private projects. Although we have
different sets of products for any budget and taste, upon market study we have taken the approach to provide all the needs of any company and home in furniture consulting, choose and sales.


Correct transfer of light in separate spaces using glass partitions and without frame have the least lines is one of the main features of modern working spaces. It will help to give the feeling of safety and more space to employees. Creating independent spaces having different utilities is considered one of ways to answer the challenge of having small area with high number of employees. These spaces are simple and without any pictorial complexities, and can easily gather so many employees in a small area with high efficiency.
Using modern office furniture, various practical working spaces can be created so the needs of an organization like increasing the efficiency can be met.


Vana provides different levels of international products in office furniture ranging from partitions, different office desks, office, amphitheater, organizing chairs in large and medium sized organization through professional consultancy, and so on. Our experienced team has been providing unique services in all steps: choosing, buying and aftersales to our pioneer customers. Creating simple and integrated working spaces in order to increase the comfort and tranquility of employees is the reason of modern and minimal way of interior design for offices.
Care for comfort of human resources, appropriate current of air, and enough light make tiresome working spaces a comforting and attractive environment. Use of modern furniture is the main element in creating modern working spaces. Products designed with direct, connected lines along with integrated materials like aluminum profiles, double glazed glasses, and attractive plate coated with different patterns are magnificent mix to have modern working space furniture.

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The latest activity of the group is the combination of V (beginning of Vana) and Care. The name implies the philosophy of permanent services and close relationship with customers. Vcare shall break the normal boundaries of service provision. Our aim is to have permanent satisfaction of customers and make them believe that Vana is loyal irreplaceably. Different plans of Vcare are
prepared for different level of services. A collection of integrated activities with aim of complete satisfaction of innovative organizations have made Vana as their only choice.

Central organization of Vana warehouses is one of the most important arms and investments of Emad Mekdad Holding. Our integrated warehouses are located in one of the best possible structures. Having central system and modern warehousing software to control and efficient circulation of inventory is one of the distinctive features of our integrated warehouses.
Everyday a great volume of loading is done in these warehouses for our projects all over Iraq and Kurdistan. This is why great importance is given to software systems, human resources, equipment, and machinery in the logistics in the daily management of Vana warehouses.

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